Overview Of NEEADS NGO

NEEADS is a non-profit making, non-governmental, non-sectarian, social service organization. It is established to work for the enlightenment of the people in the fields of Natural, Educational, Environmental and Agriculture. It is operating in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu State, INDIA.

The organization register under the Societies Registration Act. And register with Government of India Income Tax department for getting Tax exemption under 80G Act . And registered with Government of India Ministry of Home Affairs for receiving foreign contributions under FCRA Act.

The organization work with Children, Women, Youth and Farmers on various developmental programmes in association with donor partners. It is a transparent, accountable and people’s participatory body for the transformation of just and equitable social order.

NEEADS supported with NABARD www.nabard.org in providing skill training to women and farmers on various fields. ,Ministry of Environment & Forests, www.envfor.nic.in Ministry of Food Processing Industries under Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) trained youth to get self employment www.mofpi.nic.in Tamil Nadu Agriculture Department www.tnagrisnet.tn.gov.in Mahalir Thittam www.tamilnadumahalir.org DRDA www.tnrd.gov.in supported with www.cprfoundation.org under National Environmental Awareness Campaign (NEAC), CSR Project Field Study, Primary Data collection and in Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu. associated activities www.emcentre.com and District Coordinator of Kanchipuram www.pasumaithaayagam.in .

Our Rice Husk Ash (RHA) Eco BRICK making innovation Received international level competition winner award, as best start-up category in solving the waste pollution and recycling.

INDIA TODAY, a leading Magazine in India under their MASTERMIND INDIA COMPETITION selected our Idea for changing the lives of people, www.indiatoday.intoday.in .

ALL INDIA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION has selected us for our social responsible activities for the “BHARATIYA VIKAS RATAN AWARD”- www.aiacaonline.org .


The organization- mission is to improve the living standards of the rural poor people and empower them to live with a dignified life.


Its main objective is to protect and promote environment, sustainable use of natural resources, protecting forest and biodiversity.


To disseminate the information on climatic change and global warming that threatens the society due to the new trends and approaches to the communities at the grass root level.


  •   INDIA TODAY, a leading Magazine in India selected our organization under their MASTERMIND INDIA COMPETITION who are changing the lives of people.
  •   Our Rice Husk Ash (RHA) brick innovation was submitted for the INTERNATIONAL level competition to www.villgro.org and received winner award, as best start-up category in solving the waste pollution.
  •   ALL INDIA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION has selected us for our social responsible activities for the “BHARATIYA VIKAS RATAN AWARD”.

Profile of Chief Functionary

:    Mr.Gandhi Gopalakrishnan

:    43

:    Bachelor of social work (BSW)

:    Married

:   The chief functionary of the organization has got vast experience in working with the rural population on various developmental issues like watershed management, rain water harvesting, soil conservation, bio-pest & fertilizer production, organic farming, solid waste management etc.

:   He is committed for the cause of protecting our natural resources and optimum usage of it for developmental purposes. He took personal interest in collecting the necessary data like number of modern rice mills operating in the region, the quantity of RHA produced, the present way of disposing the polluting waste in the agricultural field. He has tested the RHA mixed bricks with a bricks manufacturing unit for its sustainability. The product gives more strength than the ordinary bricks. The construction industries are welcoming the initiative in the region and assured to procure the products in future.

:    66-B, Sengaluneerodai Street, Kanchipuram-631502, Tamilnadu State, India

:    gopi.neeads@gmail.com

:    +91 94431 08339