Our Awards

Villgro Award

In our target region there are 116 modern rice mills producing RHA. The agricultural waste is being dumped illegally at ponds, roadside and wasteland. It pollutes the soil, water and air. In order to tackle the problem our organization collected field level data for the past Three year and utilized it in brick manufacturing.

  • Our RHA Eco BRICK innovation Received wantrapreneur- 2009 international level competition winner award, as best start-up category in solving the waste pollution for the year 2009 issued by www.villgro.org.
  • INDIA TODAY, a leading Magazine in India under their MASTERMIND INDIA COMPETITION selected our Idea for changing the lives of people, ( published the details under their SPIRIT OF INDIA SPECIAL issues dated 26th April 2010).
  • ALL INDIA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION has selected us for our social responsible activities for the “BHARATIYA VIKAS RATAN AWARD”- year 2011.