Our Focus Area

Natural and Agricultural Sector:
  • To change the Inorganic Agricultural Farming Activities to organic agricultural farming activities.
  • To educate the farmers about the natural cultivation of herbal plants to motivate their economic development.
  • To educate the farmers regarding the preparation of compost by using of agricultural waste.
  • To educate and identify the use of naturally available plants to the farmers that “How to control the pest and plant diseases?”.
  • To promote program for Agricultural Development, like social forestry, dairy, poultry and setting up of model organic farming and other activities this may be assistance to the small farmers.

Environmental Sector :
  • To educate the women regarding kitchen garden by using kitchen wastage as compost.
  • To educate the villagers for identify the naturally available herbals in the villages and the surrounding for developing their own land.
  • To train the villagers for product the vermin, vermin compost and mushrooms for their economic development.
  • To educate the farmer to cultivation of trees for Global Warming aspects.
  • To create the awareness program about “Global Warming” for future generation

Educational Sector:
  • To provide education to all boys and girls with distinction of caste and creed.
  • To establish and conduct schools, colleges, reading rooms, libraries, orphanages, community hall, health care centers for adults and children.
  • To make the adolescents powerful by providing education through counseling.
  • To educate the youths by giving “ENTREPRENEURS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES (EDPs)”.
  • To educate the women SHGs by providing skill training program to them.